Pacific Bay


Pueblo Bonito, Cabo San Lucas, México




2,270 m2




Since the project started to come to life, it was clear and well-defined to us what that needed to take place; the overall concept for “Pacific Bay” was born primarily out of two objectives. The first being the intention to incorporate the building into the natural environment in which it lies, and the second, not permitting the building in itself to be perceived as an obstructive element or lying out of context.

With these clear-cut objectives in mind, naturally the first step was to unite the topography of the site with the project. We began by placing the enclosures along the perimeter as containment, in order to enable the mountain to naturally wrap around the building. By these means, we were able to avoid the need for additional enclosures which would create empty space between the mountain and the building.

The location offers proximity to the Pacific Ocean, which in turn bids an incredible view. For this reason, it became imperative to maintain that very connection from within the interior of any apartment, no matter the floor or elevation. Both planters in the front, located at street level, serve the purpose of encompassing the mountain, which descends and wraps around the building’s enclosures, and along with these elements we are able to position the foundation at the main level, in turn guaranteeing a view of the ocean from within each and every apartment.

As you stride through the main entrance for each apartment, you find yourself greeted with the deep blue sea and an amazing skyline view. The distribution for the interior of each apartment was focused on preserving privacy, both between the intimate and social areas of life, without interfering with each space’s purpose.

As for the project’s Penthouse, we strived to create well and naturally illuminated spaces, while simultaneously recognizing and respecting the ocean view as well as the connection to the exterior. Light fixtures were carefully tailored to the false ceilings with the intention that at night you would find yourself in the midst of a distinct kind of scenery than you would during the day, slowly transforming as the sun begins to set.