Casa CB133


Cabo Bello, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico




360 m2




One of the difficulties for the development of this project was the regulatory restrictions, where the front of the lot forced us to remove the envelope of any solid structure. This restriction runs parallel to the only access road and also happens to be the longest side of the property. This translates into a large amount of square meters of land that are not usable for the layout of the house, so we sought to counteract this loss by creating an efficient and functional distribution. Another factor that we use to our advantage in this case, and that we try to achieve in all our projects, is the maximum use of the natural levels of the property. This means making the earthworks more efficient, both in excavation and backfilling, in order to generate significant savings in the preliminary concepts of the construction process. The feeling and comfort of the interior spaces always play a very important role in our creative process. Casa CB133 has ample spaces without falling into waste, with natural lighting in all areas and a cross wind circulation to reduce energy consumption. The materials, textures and colors used in this project take the responsibility of creating a sense of belonging with its surroundings to thus help integrate the work with the lifestyle of the users.