Casa CB125


Cabo Bello, Cabo San Lucas, México




400 m2




Located in a residential setting on an irregularly shaped lot, Casa CB125 uses its site to create different spaces and routes. Part of the challenges of this project was to develop a simple architectural program in a few m2 of construction and with a limited budget, but on a lot of almost 1,000 m2. How would we manage to place a house of approximately 400 m2 on a lot of more than twice that size, without making the house look small?

The geometric composition of the project results in extended forms and voids to achieve a greater extension on the lot without increasing construction costs, creating interior and exterior routes throughout the lot. This composition is made up of two main volumes that contain the interior architectural program and at the same time create empty spaces that house service areas and outdoor recreational areas.

The functionality of the project lies in the connection of the spaces, creating natural flows between interior and exterior spaces. It is this very volumetry that creates different spaces that can be leveraged to suit the needs of the occasion.